Physical therapy of any kind can only go so far, it is often a combination of both therapy and exercise programs that can truly improve the horses way of going, solve chronic asymmetries and prevent further injury or disfunction.

Owners are frequently given an exercise program by their vet or physical therapist following an injury or diagnosis and feel as though they are left to their own devices without much support. I offer lessons to take an owner/rider through each stage of a rehab plan. If you find yourself asking:

How do I long rein?


What lunge aid should I be using?


How tight should the lunge aid be?


How can I stop my horse falling in on the circle?


I am bored! What other exercises could I be doing to achieve the same or better results?

I can help! Whether or not I am your primary physical therapist I can assist at every stage of your prescribed rehab plan. Working in direct communication with your vet or primary therapist I can help you feel more confident in carrying out the most effective rehab plan for your horse through face to face 1-1 ground work lessons. 



Ground work lesson - £60