Chiropractic is a hands on technique that focusses on the body as a whole. The muscles, skeleton, nervous system, fascia, tendons, ligaments and organs all impact one another, and therefore to improve one, we must look at the entire system- which is the key ethos of chiropractic.

A typical treatment will start with an extensive history taking and a thorough static and dynamic analysis, followed by an in depth palpation of the animals body. Treatment will usually start with McTimoney Chiropractic adjustments to the spinal column and pelvis, these gentle but highly accurate and effective adjustments allow the nervous system to perform without any restriction, relaxing and restoring function to the associated muscles. With the animal's nervous system now functioning without restriction, soft tissue techniques are applied to the muscles and fascia to assist the body in maintaining the adjustments.

A detailed aftercare plan is then devised in order to optimise the horse's ability to improve  their physical strength, suppleness, relaxation and prevention of future injury or dysfunction. 

Chiropractic is invaluable in both short term acute injury cases and long term maintenance.

McTimoney is a unique branch of traditional chiropractic that works on the exact same principles but with modified manipulations that are very gentle and light. Because of this it is a technique that is incredibly well accepted by even the most nervous of animals- there is no "bone crunching" involved! 


Individual Treatment starts from £50 - £65 dependent on distance from TQ12 4 postcode. Please get in touch for a price. 


Multiple horse yard visits:

3 horses: £55 per treatment 

4-6 horses: £50 per treatment 

7-9 horses: £40 per treatment 

10 horses: £30 per treatment